The old machine backed Lankford

That the old machine backed Lankford and voters feel for it is a rebuke to the conservative Constitutional movement...?

Right. Now that the Tea Party is dead, Dems and DIABLOs can get back to raising taxes, spending drunkenly, and dismantling the American Dream.

And I wouldn't say Langford and Shannon were "indistinguishable on the issues," although it may look that way from down there in the swamps of D.C.

Although I'm not sure how good Langford will prove, it was a heckuva better couple of offered candidates than a lot of you seem to have had. Did not have tho hold my nose to vote.

Against the other Senator, the woman who claims the govt putt a chip in her head lost. Again. I've voted for her before, but want feeling as playful this time.

Morning, Glories? Am I just in time for the next thread?