The More She Read, the Less Sense the Feminists Made

Sherry McEvil @239

Milady Webworker came out of a Chicago Democrat family and environment in the 1960s. The kind of folk who, these days, just know that Hillary is the right candidate. She said she started studying feminism in college, and the more she read, the less sense the feminists made. Self-deprogrammed.

Always amusing to me to hear her, nowadays, exclaiming about the latest stupid feminist thing, knowing what her sisters might think if they heard her. Like the first time I heard her describe herself as "conservative." Whoa!

'Way back when, I, too, thought the modern feminist movemen was important. Seeking equal treatment in the workplace, getting rid of barriers to opportunity, all seemed like an extension of the old enfranchisement battle. I viewed it as just one more facet for human rights.

It wasn't the superficial issues, like the language nazis, - the power-women I respected were, like, the head of some corporation who said she didn't give a flip about being called "chairman" instead of "chairwoman" because she knew she was the boss! Confidence, not victimhood.

I believe that kind of "feminism" is still important, but "feminism" as a brand is spoiled, and, as with race relations, much of the battle against prejudice has long since been won, in America at least, and what's left is screaming harpies making up new insane causes, like the rabid environmentalists crying about global warming long after the water's clean.

(Don't know if I'm saying this well. Fortunately, I'm done.)