The Blind Faith Album I Had Was the Substitute

The Blind Faith album I had was the substitute, and the Beatles album (whichever) I got was not the chopped-up baby dolls cover.

My best friend's older brother got a copy of that Beatles album where the new cover had been pasted over the butcher one, and he was able to steam most of the second cover off.

Decades later, Milady and I inherited the Blind Faith chickie album from some relative's collection. (Still have both copies somewhere down in the catacombs.)

Then there was the late Beatles album I think they finally called Hey Jude but earlier had been released under a different name. (How can I not remember every bit of trivia I used to have at the tip o' me forebrain?) The copy I got had the 2nd name on the cover, but the first name on the LP label! Surely some kind of collector's item?