Texas Govs v feds on border control

Oh, yeah. On the subject of a Texas Governor imploring the federal government regarding maintaining the border:

Texas Is Wrathy
Governor Says He Will Protect the Border

Austin, Tex. - "If I am compelled to take the situation in hand, I will do so vigorously. This state is bearing the burden of expense and suspense and the present federal policy towards this state is an outrage. Definite action should [be] taken by the federal government and protection given by garrisons of troops or the government should advise us that nothing will be done and let us look out for ourselves. We will not hesitate to protect our people if we can be advised that the federal government will not do so."

Bartlesville (Okla) Daily Enterprise
Thursday, February 20, 1913
c/o The Gateway to Oklahoma History

I slipped this into Ace and at least one person, maybe more, missed that date. 101 years ago.

"Wrathy." :)

Copy of original article on my website, with link to Ok Hist site.