Tempting the Fates

Hah! Love that doggie at the top. I'll dive into the rest of it in a moment, but first...

Howdy, classy nighttime people!

I have not put forth many mindful webworks in the past year, but now and then, I crank one out. When inspired or motivated.

One nice thing about being undiscovered and never going viral is, I don't have to deal with comments from crazies, on my site, or (especially) on YouTube.

I hope it stays that way, but I'm tempting the fates now with a new 20-second video.

Donald Trump is a Class Act
The question is, which class?
at mindfulwebworks.com:

Note there is a PayPal donation link in the upper corners of the webpage, whatever 20sec of vid is worth to ya.

Or, if you would rather go to YouTube for some reason

Well, self-promo's done. Now to see what CDR M and ye common taters have for me tonight.