Taxi Ride in Chicago

Stringer Davis: it's not the notion of Godhead that has changed, but the concept of fatherhood. Oh, and Judgment.

Like the aforementioned Twain quote. When humanity was young, it laughed at how stupid God was. But when humanity matured, it was amazed how God had matured, too. (Something like that.)

About the idea of God the Father, 'nother story time.


Taxi ride in Chicago. Got the impression the cabbie was "Islamic," or raised that way, whatever he was by then. (This was long before 9/11, btw.)

We somehow got to talking about God, and I managed at some point to say something about God as Father. Driver scowled and angrily said, "If he's anything like my father...!" So much said in so few words, there. Sad.

But, we had talked about the cabbie's son, whose picture was on the dashboard. He was so proud of the boy. Last thing, as I'm paying, I managed to say something like, "Not like the father you remember having. Like the father you want to be for your son."

I got no "I'll think about it" on that one. He just drove off.

Seed-planting, even when we'll never know (in this life) what the effort yielded.