Sun Heads North

Morning, Glories!

Just read up through #83. Takes a lot longer to read through the comments when I also tangent off to actually read pages to which Vic & others link!

Not very long ago, the Winter sun as seen from our house was rising well south of the big arbor vitae near the shed. Then it was rising behind the shed. Then it was rising behind the water tower north of the shed. After not seeing the sunrise for several days due to the overcast last gasps of winter, today I notice it's rising well north of the water tower, getting near due East (duh, it's almost the equinox).

The rapidity of the sun's progress northward this time of year is always surprising, and encouraging, heartening, that Spring is Here! As if the budding trees, wild garlic sprouts sticking through the snow, and flocks of screaming birds weren't clue enough.

Day before yesterday, we saw a bunch of those thieving bully Blue Jays hassling a pair of would-be-nesting mockingbirds. Today, a screaming murder of crows could be heard, intertwined with hawk screams; I've seen those two groups fighting in our trees before. Blue Jays and Crows know how to gang up on others; paint your own sociopolitical metaphors, I'm gonna grab some coffee.