Stepping Into the Deep Dog Doo Here

Stepping into the deep dog doo here... (Burt, some of us "overthinkers" need to think it through thoroughly.)

Animals do not develop souls of potential survival value as mortal humans do, via our relationship with the spirit.*

(Link goes to Urantia Book passage. I've been discouraged from posting about the UB here, so on this rare occasion, let me be clear: I don't expect anyone to believe anything just because that wild & crazy UB says so, but I reference it for anyone who would like to read its perspective. BTW, according to the UB, Jesus was born this day in 7BC. HBD, Jesus!)

*To me, this does not mean we can never find our furry four-footed friends again.

"Well" said the priest, "in that case, your dog will certainly be there." That sums it up so well.

The way I see it, we must, by experience, develop our souls to perfection, making a whole-hearted choice of the eternal life, in this realm or some Purgatorial next. Animals, by contrast, are already perfect as what they are. So, while they are not resurrected as we may be, they may in a sense be reanimated on high, as extensions of ourselves.

I say as extensions of ourselves because it would seem cruel for Faithful Fido to be in Heaven forever waiting at the gates for a human who failed to choose eternal life.

Frankly, I hope I don't have to spend eternity feeding and cleaning the catbox for all the cats we've had. That's a whole lotta cats!