Standard-Issue Progtard Boilerplate Insults

So, having run out of all the artwork in the world, the blog is reduced to stealing from the blog. Art re-runs already!

Read the early morning thread in the time it took comments here to go from low forties to high nineties. I think the temperature did the same.

Ehrlich praising Mann is like Rather praising Brian Williams. OMuse wrote, "amazing to me how much Ehrlich's review is just standard-issue progtard boilerplate insults" - that's basically what I was thinking as I read him. Just vacuous ad hominem. Nothing was more revealing of the projection inherent in this kind of thinking than this: "there is no certainty in science, unlike in the world of denial propogandists" - exactly backwards.

"His solution was de-industrialization, capital de-accumulation, lowering of productivity and hence lowering of real wages...." Take that to its (I won't say logical) conclusion and where does it lead? I'll tell you. My son followed some links provided by a Bernie commie, and ended up at the Human Extinction site. It's self-hatred, really.

Probably Daddy issues.

* Quit typing and post this dang thang already! *