Staged Baby Drowning?

Folks elsewhere have noted that the Propagandists are not above staging pix like this "drowned baby." Not saying the baby didn't die, just the circumstances as reported can't be trusted.

It's the Helen Lovejoy "Think of the Children" ploy. Like after Israel defends itself, the propagandists will take a photo of a child's toy in rubble in Gaza, and if they can't find one, they'll stick a toy in there, sometimes one that is obviously is clean and new. (Heh-- Remember the video of the Palestinian "corpse" that peeked out from under his shroud?) They want folks to think of this one dead baby and not the thousands of welfare bums and terrorist infiltrators. Same as with our borders, think about all the poor little immigrant tykes - and not their tats and gats and long rap sheets.

Speaking of propaganda, did it get mentioned here about the village that voted to gang-rape girls for their brother's sins? Debunked. Amnesty Int'l never even went to the village. (BBC via Zombie on AoS.)