Something New Has Been Mandated

Oh, hey, in local news, here in beautiful Smallville, Mid-America. Looks like we've got a new pizza place. Must be the fourth one opened up this year. My son's a driver for one of them, and they're feeling the competition a little. But this place promises to be the only Italian style pizza in town. What do Italians know about pizza?

Next, this tidbit, from the Court Filings, marriage, Oct 6:

Adam Michael P___ and Mary Kathleen C___
Isn't that sweet? I'll bet she's Catholic.

Phillip Eugene S___ and Crystal Gail G___
Crystal Gail. Yes, this is Cowboy Country.

and then there's this

Thomas Edward G___ and Frederick Charles C___
Lisa Renee B___ and Karen Leigh W___
Billy Mac T___ and Robert David M___ Jr.

Billy Mac. That thar's a local kind of name. Hey, wait a minute!

Ha ha ha! Looks like the silly local paper is at it again. I'll bet those last six folks are going to be mad at the paper for mixing up their names! They look like… like…

Oh, my! Oh, my!

(Lisa was City Manager or something, don't know if she still is.)
The Court That Rules Supreme Hath Spoken! How Law R Made!