Someone Else Must Be Having My Panic Attacks

Not to make light of a serious condition, but I think maybe someone else, or someones elses, must be having my panic attacks.

Take the serious situation of the nation and world, the economy, unemployment, jihadi threats, creeping tyranny, on and on. Multiply that and apply it on a personal scale and you have my current situation. Sort-of.

And yet I get up each day and go to bed each night thanking God for the blessings, and presuming that if I keep taking care of what I can do, and keep praying about that which I can't seem to do, most of the mountains of difficulty will somehow be removed, even if my faith isn't a fraction of a mustard seed. I've more than once walked the shadowed valley of death and survived. I've sinned to my great regret but feel forgiven. I haven't been brought along this far by mercy just to be forgotten now, I must presume.

Seems t'me I should be more emotional about it all - occasionally, as I contemplate the major things that are wrong and threatening, I can yield to temporary desperation, but I get over it. And I'm not even smoking the wacky weed. Anymore.

Whoever is having my panic, sorry 'bout that.