So middle-of-last-Century

Strangest thing about the Cheerios tweet is, that particular bugaboo - interracial anything, really - is so middle-of-last-Century now! As the reply tweets so amply demonstrate. Only the racists who think they aren't racists still think that way.

My home town was totally segregated. Today, on what were the "white" streets of my youth, I see brown & pink kids shooting hoops together. Nobody thinks anything of the mixed couples. Saw a nice-looking black guy and his pretty white wife the other day at a store, and their (presumably their) kid was so cute and sharp, I had to tell the Dad I thought so. I think it brightened his day; he looked a little shopping-haggard.

There are still pockets 'round here & elsewhere, where a black might feel more than a little uncomfortable walking in a local greasy spoon, where a mixed-race couple might be given the ol' hairy eyeball by all the regulars. But all strangers get that, the stranger the moreso is all.

And if they walked in and said, "Obama is a stuttering clusterfuck of a miserable failure, and we ought to nuke Mecca," then those same locals might all laugh and offer to buy their breakfast.