Snake handling? (2)

Snake handling?

I grabbed the momma out of a nest of garden snakes one time. She was unhappy and bit down on herself and drew ... whatever passes for blood in them - which let me illustrate to the three little kiddos that even non-poisonous snakes can give you an owie.

We were tearing down a dilapidated room, and I found two big (4 to 5 foot) brown snakes living in the walls. I just yanked 'em out, grabbed 'em by the neck and hauled them off to the high grass to nest elsewhere. Funny to see the big, tough cowboy who was helping me get almost stand-on-chair squeamish around snakes.

Of course, he's encountered many not-so-friendly ones, and dispatched them timely with his sidearm...

I don't usually think of these incidents as worship, but kinda makes me admire Creation.

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