Six Shots Rang Out From North of Our House

#Rural Life

Several days ago, I was talking with the neighbor at the shed. We share a large yard. His daughter and granddaughter were zipping around the acreage on their zero-turns while he criticized their technique. Heh.

Granddaughter zips up, hops off the mower, goes to the truck, and comes back with a nice little pistol, zips away again.

As she goes off, the neighbor brags how all his kids and grandkids have their licenses.

Thanks to my extensive knowledge of hoplophilia, derived almost entirely from reading this blog, I said to him, "and I bet they all keep up on their practice, too."

He assured me, yes, indeed.

Then six shots rang out from north of our house. When I got over there, the ladies had a rake, and were holding up a snake, with three gaping holes, still hissing and trying to strike. The grand-daughter was pretty proud that she'd hit him three out of six, and it was amazing he was still wiggling with those holes blown in him. He wouldn't last long.

First time we've ever found a water moccasin that close to the house. All the rain temporarily made EPA-controllable wetlands out of the place, so I hope this will remain a rare, if not unique, instance.

Okay, not a pet. Um... Um... our cats were inside (as usual during mowing) so none of them were harmed.