Shelter Systems

I wonder if the tent supplier is happy from all the exposure they got from #fyrefest. #fyrefestival #eventprofs #vendors
-- Alex Stivers (@AlexStivers) May 1, 2017

When we moved back to our Okla home in '94, we ordered several of those tents from Shelter Systems. They look all hip and geodesical and all, but surprise! they're nice tents. (Unsolicited testimonial!)

Not hard to put up. When you did the flooring right and the inner liner, you had a pretty nice hut with four doors (with screens). Light but sturdy. Windproof.

A smaller one worked well for a bathroom tent.

We had a wet snow punch one down, but we just popped it back out. Usually, snow slid off, or we'd poke it from inside and have it slide off.

We did have an 80+mph breeze one day pick up a tent that wasn't properly staked down. It rolled across the yard, over the low wall, and across the pasture to the fence with the neighbor. Lost one or two support poles, but otherwise was intact. We just rolled it back and nailed it back down.

I glimpsed them in a SF series - Stargate? (Never watched it.) Always funny to see "Hey! There's our tents!"

Put in some rugs, hang some Indian bedspreads for color, thick futons, electric -- they could've had a nice, luxurious little camp there for not too much. We did.


Picture me, on the ol' 386 laptop, calling CompuServe, via modem, using hardwire phone line strung across the lawn from the tent to the house we were rehabbing ("Wait! Don't mow there until I get the phone line picked up!!"), with flaky rural phone service. Can you say 300 baud? I know you can.