She Shot the Intruder in the Chest

Heard on the radio tonight... Craig Co Okla asst prosecutor and former judge, home alone, had a burglar break in to her rural house ... and she shot the intruder in the chest.

He left and drove off a mile where police found him at a dead end. The road, not him. In hospital, alas, not the morgue. Suspected of several burglaries lately.

Strangest line in the article, sheriff said in her isolated place she had "a very high expectation of safety and privacy." Um, no. Anywhere, anytime, folks.

Don't know what she shot him with, or why she didn't empty it into him, or where in the chest he was hit, but... good for her, anyway. Must've been terrifying.

And on that high note, I'll retire.

Good night, Gracies!