Schools to Send My Son to

FenelonSpoke: I guess that I can put Oklahoma Wesleyan on a list of possible schools to send my son to...

FS, If you're still monitoring - Milady Webworker was just saying she saw a woman from OkWU jogging in the park one day and thought, if we had a kid in college, it would be a great comfort to know the kid wouldn't be coming home full of Communism and craziness, and safe physically as well. Bartlesville, pop. ~35,000, is hardly free from the criminals and crazies of any town, but proportionally it's a very safe place. And folks are mostly very nice. Even at Wal-Mart and the DMV!

Oregon Muse: I appreciate your pessimism, but, really, it's a solid Christian establishment with fine students, and I expect Dr Piper's position is solid. Any SJW's would be laughed off campus.