Roman Angle

I learned something today… maybe.

"…Except I shall see in his hands the print of the nails…" doubted Thomas. Historically, Jesus was wounded in the hands, and always so depicted in art, whether on the cross, risen showing Thomas, or stigmata in various appearances.

As I studied the gory facts of crucifixion, though, it seemed most sources frankly said that the Romans actually pierced the wrists, because the hands would just tear under the weight. The Shroud of Turin, which shows the back of the hands of the man in the image, has apparent blood stains on the back of the wrist.

Well, I saw someone comment today that the Romans would have pounded the nail into the hand, angled, and out through the wrist. That sounded about right. Oh, that expert torture-dealing touch the Romans had!

There's not a lot I learn about the crucifixion that doesn't just break my heart more for what he went through for us.