Resist Light Bulb Tyranny

Quick search found American-made incandescent bulbs available online. I think there are others. For those of us resisting tyranny.

Proper method for cleaning up after toxic curly-bulbs? Do not buy in the first place.

When they first came out, we bought two. Noticed right away they didn't work with my dimmers (every room light) and the color value was pale and ugly.

Relegated one to a closet, where it's rarely used, but I wish it would die.

The other went in a desk lamp where in a remarkably short time a couple of cats chasing each other through the living room knocked that lamp over and we called in the hazmat team vacuumed thoroughly and vowed never to buy those wacky progressive bulbs again.

Milady adds: proper procedure is, you're never supposed to vacuum.

Thanks for the chart, Chrissy. I don't mind alternatives, of course; I detest the Commies forcing the markets.