Perfect for Alaska, Not So Much Oklahoma

#Great pet pix, as always.

The pooches sure demonstrate the variety of canines. They may all be the same species, but hardly the same family - appearances and behaviors.

Just one example: dogs who love the water v dogs like our guy who detests it.

Those collies are just beautiful (or handsome, as per zheir gender preferences). Excellent critters - for someone else. We wouldn't want a purebred, really - give me a good mutt any day - nor a long-hair out here in rural Okla.

We had a found-us Australian Shepherd with a thick, tight coat, perfect for Alaska, not so much Oklahoma. (Miss ya, Foggy Doggie!) Had to keep him clipped for at least 3/4 of the year. Since he was blind in one eye and didn't like to be approached on that side, shaving him could be a real task, and might occasionally involve sedation.

Our current German Shepherd-whatever mix (who also found us) is a short-hair, utterly mellow temperament, relatively easy to care for; perfect for us. We'd be mighty lucky to get another pooch as smart and devoted as our old guy.

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