Percussive Maintenance

qdpsteve: ...Or slapping it over and over again on the side....

Palpatine: ...'Percussive maintenance...'

I've mentioned before on here, had a failing hard drive that I managed to get to spin up one last time for copying... by slapping the side of the computer box.

And the printer that I "repaired" by dropping from a height of a couple of inches. Twice. (Still works!)

Of course, my first computer repair, honest to God, involved a five-pound rubber mallet. But that was just to crack open the external ac/dc transformer case to change a fuse, so it doesn't really count, but it sounds great.

Electroshock therapy, no matter how much better it's done now, just makes me think LSD therapy would be preferable - if you're going to reboot a brain.

God bless Publius's mom & give him & his family strength & wisdom.

And with that overlong comment, I'm dragging my percussively maintained brain to bed.

Good night, sleep tight, and don't let the coyotes bite.