Peaches Come From the Yard...

Very pretty.

Did not know that cherry cuttings were supplied back to Japan after WW2. Circularity! (Or, if I ever did know, have long since forgotten - the hazards of living enough decades)

Some of our trees and shrubs are in full bloom. We have a volunteer peach next to the compost bin, visible from the kitchen window. Most years, we don't get any peaches though, thanks to some late, bud-killing freezes; this isn't Georgia. I hope we don't get hit this year, because the tree is just overflowing with brilliant pink blossoms. Well, if we don't get peaches later, at least we've got a beautiful flowering tree right now.

As a volunteer, I presume it grew from some pit reflecting root stock. so, probably not as fat, sweet, and juicy as a normal hybrid, but those small peaches are mighty tasty anyway, when we get them.

Mmmm. Thinking about Milady's peach cobbler past, anticipating (cautiously) cobbler future!

Wonder how cherry trees would do here?