PC Lingo Comes Full Circle

re: Hillary & de Blasio (wasn't it?) mocking "colored people time" --

When I was very young, 'round these parts, "colored people" was still acceptable speech. (Think: NAACP.)

Of course, back then, even "n!gg3rs" was an ordinary, non-derogatory word.

Then we had to say "Negro." Then we had to use "African-American." Then "Blacks." And then it became "people of color"... although that was more inclusive.

So, full circle, Hillary confirms that it's okay that we're back to using "the coloreds" again?

Can I say that here?

Remind me to tell you someday about the story of the local road that was called "N!gg3rs' Gap," until they put up actual street signs in the '80s...!

I do it, for Ace's sake, but I hate being n!gg@rdly with words.