Pages of Cells

Been flipping bk&frth between here & pages of cells to which I may be permitted to upgrade - my current cell having no screen to speak of. I hate upgrading almost as much as moving (which I hope I never have to do again). Found the cell discussions here... interesting, if not necessarily helpful or encouraging.

Apple and I have not got along ever, not since I chose a Radio Shack over their computer. I will not i.

Google-Be-Evil is something I'm trying to avoid, but the wife's Windows cell has shown me the differences and problems compared to Android.

Microsoft just seems like the least of the big three evils. It's what our desktops run, and I can always pretend W10 will come along and fix... uh.. that's a lot of pretending....

So, I found a cell I might want. Oh, but. Out of stock online. Not available in the local store here in Smallville. Have to go all the way to BigCity to get one.

Altogether, cells ceuck, as a ceystem.