Outrageous! What are you people thinking?

This is incredible.

Those old long underwear characters were buried with Dark Knight and Watchmen (and maybe Mysterymen), if not by Gwen Stacy's cloning. Walking ghost franchises stolen from the original creators are all that's left. Zombie Archie Andrews.

The world's smartest militant blog is two posts deeply embroiled with movie versions of franchise-overkill superheroes while the whole world is boiling us frogs for real? Outrageous! What are you people thinking?

There are so many more important matters! Syrias matters!

Like, whatever happened to the third installment of Mage?

Will we ever see Bone fully realized on the big screen (please God NOT done by that Hobbit movies guy)?

Why did Cerebus finally jump the sharknado when it got to the Hemingway sequence (did I just answer my own question?)?

Concrete would be a great TV series.

Full-length animated adaptation of Journey, that comic about 1800s frontier (by, um, who was it? Wow, that's a hard title to google...).

If we must have superhero comic adaptations, what about Nexus or Badger, or better yet Nexus and Badger? You want crazy-ass supers....

See what I mean? So many more important things.

Oh, but, hey, I hope Flash is a fun series. In the previews, Weather Wizard looks all dark and sinister instead of colorful and fun, though. What was mainly wrong with the last version was it was all "make it tight and dark like Batman" instead of bright and light and colorful with lots of room to stretch out like the Silver Age art by Infantino.

Because, Flash was one of my first regular comics in my hard-to-find-them-on-the-drugstore-spinners little town. My mommy had some hesitation, I think, about allowing me to subscribe to Flash and Green Lantern, but she allowed it. They mailed it in a brown wrapper, folded in half vertically. I was both excited and appalled.