Only Moments

No Vic news? How will I know what's up in the world this morning?

Morrrrrrrrning, Glorrrrries!!!! I feel growly.

Stop me if you've heard this one. Last time I'll tell it.

Went to Mom's yesterday, and she insists we put on the horse race. (Her grandkids have got her a nice big-screen TV.) Hours sitting around, chatting enjoyably, but bored watching the yakking heads, the early race, more talking heads, clips from past races, on and on and on. When's the big race start?

Finally, the big race is on. And they're racing around the track. Annnd... Just as they're coming around the last bend, Mom's hand accidentally brushes the remote control and hits mute. Swiftly fumbling to un-mute, she changes the channel. Only moments to get it back, but moments too many.

Hours of waiting, only to miss the big finish? Priceless.

I love my mom. She can laugh at herself. I should be doing so good (or even alive) at 95.

On with the day...