One cannot find God in Nature

An in-law is the world's foremost authority on Nietzsche. I'm glad she was able to have a living in academia; she might've starved in the real world. But I never read anything by N (like the God is dead quote above) that I didn't think, don't know about the rest of his fillossifies, but theologically, what an idiot!

One cannot find God in Nature. One cannot find God in reason and philosophy. One can only barely glimpse God through the eyes of selfless love of another. Yet in faith God can so easily be understood as the Source of all matter, mind, and personality. Faith confounds the intellectually brilliant. Dawkings and their ilk never look so stupid as when they display their theological ignorance. Judas was the smartest guy in the room. Lucifer had to be amazingly persuasive to mislead so many angels.