Old Shows Remembered

One show we've enjoyed watching lately is early Hopalong Cassady. One of the good guys, on and off-screen, like Clayton Moore.

I think the first TV shows were re-cuts of the theater releases. However! In one, Hoppy and his crew help a naive settler work a mine on his property. Bad guys were a corrupt banker and the ranchers who thought they'd sold a worthless property to naive settler. They swindle, and nearly murder several times over. In the end, Hoppy tells them all to git outta town, when they should all, by rights and frontier justice, be strung up. Guess maybe that wouldn't have been good-guy enough for a "kids'" flick, but all I could think about was them escaping justice to perpetrate their evils on others.

For some reason (Dragnet?) I'm reminded of Highway Patrol. Didn't get to see that very often, and haven't seen one in decades, but I remember liking it.

There was a "TV memories" thread on Ace the other day, mostly just about classic lines from old shows, but of course wandered off into movies and commercials. Lines from Bygone Days