Not Even a Texas Thing

Dave at Buffalo Roam: My family's tradition was to put a dime in the black-eyed peas. Whoever found it in their bowl got all the luck. Is that just a Texas thing?

Hate to break it to you, that's not even a Texas thing.

Sure hope the dime gets washed thoroughly beforehand. Eew.

Chi-Town Jerry: is that? a bowl of beans..

Pappy O'Daniel: Never heard of a black-eyed pea tradition for New Years Day...

Mostly a S'uthron thing. Milady, native Chicagoan, her first new years in Oklahoma, was asked if we were having black-eye peas for luck for New Year's Day. She'd never heard of it. I don't think my mom was big on it. But Milady picked up on it immediately, and her delicious recipe is our annual tradition.