Noah, Skip the Fleas!

Noah with the three dogs was so sad.

Yes, our family likes dogs, our current fellow being a true family member.

Theologicallically: I found problems with aspects of the Noah story even as a child, and as an adult have no "absolutist" ideas about the details of the Bible's more dubious legends, if you'll excuse the term legends. Um, and the term dubious.

I don't think historic accuracy is required. I try not to overthink it. Noah would have had to have loaded lots more than two Mayflies, among other biological conundra. But, I've always loved God's promise in the rainbow.

But leaving behind a dog? When you have a whole ship full of animals to shepherd? No way -- Orders or no orders, if Noah was smart, he took extra dogs! And extra cats, because those two mice were lots more than two after 40 days!

Fleas! Why couldn't he leave the fleas!?!?! and Ticks!

Appreciate your work, even when it's... I'll just say, disturbing-thought-provoking.