Must Rant About LaughingStock Media

Who's that guy who tweeted about Ace? I think I've heard the name....

I just watched these. Must rant. A thread about CNN wanting to topple the Jefferson Memorial seems related enough.

Some ProgressiveBS guy snipes at Ted Cruz for saying gun control is hitting what you aim at *gasp*

Some CNN gal tries to trip up a good ol' Southern boy* who happens to be black and respects history. (*non-racist Southern jargon)

CNN gets cussed out by vendor of Confederacy stuff. Speaks truth: "You guys are stirring [bleep] up!"

(All clips c/o Chicks on the Right, btw)

I don't watch this stuff except when clips get posted on websites where I travel or channels to which I subscribe. And often skip those as just too insipid.

I know the LaughingStock Media is doing this kind of pathetic propaganda and ambush interviews all the time, I just choose not to be exposed to it much as a rule. Usually they're just annoying, doing what one expects. Seen one, you've seen 'em all.

But their usual level of stupid, combined with the incredible gormlessness of this New Civil War they're fomenting (doing just what the Charleston killer wanted) made these especially hard to watch.

The non-newsfolk, Cruz, the student, the righteously indignant store owner who "refused to identify himself" are fine to see.

But it's hard to suffer through the idiot spew in these clips for those gems. I had to keep hitting pause on the bobbleheads because, as I watched them, I kept getting interrupted by streams of f-words and other hate speech erupting from my mouth. They've reduced me to that.

Gonna need a bigger rage-meter.