Missing Merry-Go-Round

Okay, in the interest of complete accuracy…

"The merry-go-round has recently been rehabbed," I wrote above.

Not yet. Just yesterday I found a news photo of where the carousel was, and will be, but currently isn't. Sad and bleak, but they expect it will be back before the park opens for the summer.

I'm not sure if I fully conveyed the picture on the Kiddie Park, btw. As the name suggests, everything is small scale for the small fry, including the ticket prices. The little boats ride, the little airplane ride, the little autos ride, the little cages ride, all making their little circles. The little choo-choo that follows tracks outside the kiddie park fence and circles the larger park was magical to me as a very young'n. Not exactly a high-speed bullet train, you could fall off of it and hardly have to run to catch up and get back on. Not that I ever did…!

The "real" amusement park was Bell's, down in Tulsa. We'd get down there rarely. Best was when the State Fair was held next door. Bell's was forced out of business by the city several years ago. They hoped to reopen elsewhere, but it hasn't happened.

Back when crowds were pretty much safe. There were always a few greasers and thugs, but you never felt mobbed. Today… well, I'm no fan of large clots of humanity in any case. Excepting the Kiddie Park!