Meanwhile, in the conspiracies file

Meanwhile, in the conspiracies file:

Leaked Email: U.S.G.S Yellowstone Supervolcano
A guy reading an email he received from a "trusted friend" he "knew a long time ago" about how the SuperVolcano is coming, and "they" are covering it up.

4/16/2014 -- Yellowstone Unrest -- USGS installs new seismometers to monitor -- Pros say to PREPARE
Another guy talking, but he sounds more reasonable. He just says it's big earthquakes a-comin'.
More reasonable, I say, and persuasive... until he starts going of the rails at about 3:30.

And finally, just to show how far out on the fringe I traveled this evening,
Is Hitler Obama's Father?
With actual, true, unretouched photos of young Hitler in uniform among African natives, as the narrator says, "he blended in...."

A selection of other potential candidates for the President's sire is also available for your video enjoyment. AHHHGHGGG.