Maybe It's a Browser Thing

Took me a while to get caught up to my own comment. Compulsive comment-reading.

Misanthropic Humanitarian: Hey Mindful, link works when I clicked it.

Hey, Mis, maybe it's a browser thing, and yours corrected it? Whatever, the link is misconstructed. I get a 404 from Pixy, because it appears as an internal Ace link. Like when people leave the http:// off of their name URLs.

Hover text shows it starts off with
before it gets to the actual link.

That %3C...%3E stuff is the br tag, which is what the source code shows intruding in your link tag.

I know what the link is about. I could get to the story by just clearing off the crud at the beginning, but not everyone is a webtech geenyez like me.

Oh, well, it's not like anyone actually clicks on your links, right?