Mae West's "Light My Fire"

I warned you I might be back. Took a long time to catch up on some 300 comments, but I did it. But, now it's time to check out. Got to take the car in early tomorrow to replace the bald tires so we can travel to Tulsa to see Blazing Saddles on the big screen. Maybe.


Captain James Tiberius Kirk #535: "A girl. With kaleidoscope. Eyes."

Still not as bad as Mae West's "Light My Fire." Nobody mentioned that? Nor Spock's Hobbit song? Who are you people?

garrett: [ij]502 >>Whipping Post is the best song ever performed.

The Zappa Version, sure.

Thanks for that. Downloaded a version off YouTube.


(Assumes Shatnerian voice And so, on. And so, forth.

(Assumes Gracie Allen voice Good night, Gracies!

Unless I think of something else to say.