Looking at the Gas Chamber Again

Morning, Glories! Hope y'all have a good weekend.

Vic: "Utah looks like it is moving back to the firing squad after do-gooders make lethal injection difficult. Of course they don't like the firing squad either. They go all the way back to the 1800s to find a case where one was botched. http://tinyurl.com/lptnv6f"

Oklahoma is looking at the gas chamber again, after a couple of "troubling" injection executions.

All these fancy-schmancy means, the chair, gas, injections, came about because hangin' or shootin' was deemed cruel and unusual, yet each "improvement" just seems crueler and more unusual.

Vic: "Studies have shown that in States where the death penalty is used promptly the murder rate does go down."

The best deterrent effect of punishment, parents or the State, comes from its being (1) swift and (2) sure. Not having those is cruel and unusual for society.

(How did I get on this soapbox? Barkeep! Coffee! Black! Quickly!)