Lewis Meyer

I knew I'd spelled Lewis Meyer's name wrong as soon as I hit post on my previous comment, so I did some research, and here's my book report.

Lewis Meyer ran the Lewis Meyer Bookstore on Brookside in Tulsa from 1935 to 1994. He hosted "Lewis Meyer's Bookshelf" on KOTV Tulsa for 42 years.

Located at one end of what used to be known as "The Strip", the Lewis Meyer Bookstore sits so unobtrusively next to the old Brook Theater that you'd have to hunt for it if you didn't know the place.

It's a small store crammed with thousands of books, from Chinese history, house repairing, karate and astrology to fiction, children's books, adults only books and inspirational books....


A funny little man with a high-pitched voice and an infectious smile, he was far from standard television fare, as he sat at a desk, talking about books. He was extremely popular; when he reviewed a book, the local effect was like an Oprah endorsement.

He knew his wares and his customers. Milady and I bought many an esoteric volume there. When I was bogged down in an elaborately annotated three-volume study translation of the Bhagavad Gita, Lewis directed me to a slim pocket-sized translation by Yogi somebody, one of a whole set of little Gita books. That treasured volume resides on my main at-hand shelf. We always enjoyed chatting with Lewis and his lovely wife who frequently helped at the store. They were quite gracious.

Lewis also authored some small volumes. Abebooks appears to have a good collection, including Off the Sauce, Meyer's frank, witty and stark recollection of his battles with the bottle.

Amazon has two of his books for a penny, Preposterous Papa (about his father) in softcover, The Tipsy Witch & other fairy tales in hardcover. If I did this link correctly, it should show you the Meyer page on Amazon, with credit link to Ace (though what credit he gets for a penny purchase, I can't imagine):

I wonder where in the catacombs my copies of Meyer's books are...?