Law of Consequences for Phelpsites

greenlantern2011: If it is Fred (Kevin?), doesn't look quite that bad in any of the Google Image Search results of him. Looks like his soul, though. Crypt-keeper was my first thought, as well.

There's a crew of bikers who form a human wall between funerals and the Phelps-ites. And not long back when Westboro disruptors slipped over the line into Oklahoma, his crew found that tires went flat, locals wouldn't repair them, and local police seemed singularly unsympathetic. There's a law (of consequences) in that more effective than anything on the books. :)

Fred's a sad, sick old fellow and there's no explanation for such a mess. The result of such foul evil in the name of God is the ruination of faith and the revulsion it exacerbates toward religion, as happened to his own son Nate (his story here) and the atheists who celebrate Nate's loss of faith.