Kitteh Gifts

#Kitteh Gifts

Milady and I, and Dog, spent Thursday night down at my Mom's, and Daughter took care of the felines.

Next morning, she texted me: "Saw all kittehs but Spark. He may be sleeping off his mouse from last night!"

She reported that the previous night Spark had been observed having much sport with the carcass.

As usual, it was Spark's sister Spirit who had caught it. #Guycat Privilege

Spirit ditched the kill to go hit some fresh kibble Daughter brought out. Go figure.

Daughter wondered if kibble was some kind of kitteh crack. (I think Spirit is just watching her svelte summer weight.)

#Rural Life

Daughter hung out awhile on the porch, and chased off (sort of) a sneaky raccoon raiding the kibble.

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