Is IOWA Spreading Themselves Too Thin Too Fast?

whew. caught up. prob time for new post?


Storm broke about 3:30. Brave Doggie awakened me so I'd know to pet and reassure him vigorously. I don't even think he's all that scared anymore. It's just a cue.

Mellow yellow cat wanted outside in the middle of it, so I let him out. By dawn feeding time, he wasn't interested in what I offered. Has he figured out the hunting is good after heavy rain? I suspect so.


I was never in the armed services (deepest admiration, thanks and prayers for God's blessings for all who were and are), and as close as I ever got to studying war strategies was playing Risk, but in my fluffy-armchair idiocy, I wonder what better battle strategists think...

Is ISSA spreading themselves too thin too fast? I know they're picking up loot, weapons, soldiers, as they roll along, but aren't they really rather vulnerable?

I mean, of course, if there was any qualified military in the world who wanted to stop them.