Ignore the Attackers

I like the horde when it soars with patriotism, not so much submerged in hopelessness and despair. The Regressives never really get under my skin, but voices of alleged right-thinkers giving up are starting to make me ill.

I've already been attacked once on here for my views on this - not so much personal attack as just snarling back and called names. Since I'm not one who likes to fight just for expressing my opinion, I'm thinking maybe I shouldn't be hanging out here any more?

And that's a really sad thought.

Maybe I just need some coffee. Maybe.
Posted by: mindful webworker - still proudly American at July 06, 2015 08:56 AM (+/zXg)

Ignore the attackers and stay.
Attackers are a dime a dozen.

Stay the course.