I really liked her in Fifth Element

"The other cycle we are in is Milankovitch."

I really liked her in Fifth Element.

My understanding is, cosmic rays create cloud cover/cooling. Solar activity creates cosmic rays, so, more activity, more clouds & cooling.

Not just our sun. Every 25,000 years (or so) our solar system cycles near to/far from the cosmic ray influence of a solar cluster, hence more cosmic rays, and ice ages. We're on the heading back / ice age leg for quite some time now.

The contribution of the earth's tilt is ameliorating or exacerbating. So, heading into an ice age with the planet tilted Winterward can mean extra special good times coming up for humanity.

But your wood stove is illegal.

One more thing: Glaciers can form and move at a pace people would not normally consider "glacial." All you need is the ice not to melt over summer a few times. Climate can turn faster than folks understand. heh heh heh