I never had a Pez dispenser as a kid

I never had a Pez dispenser as a kid. (Insert "you had Pez dispensers? We had to make do with" joke here.) I don't think I ever quite 'got' a toy that shoots candy out of its neck. And that you just eat the candy because filling the dispenser has such a low rate of return on the effort.

Several years back, my kids got me a Hammy the Squirrel Pez disp... is dispenser what they're called? That's what I've always called 'em, but now that I'm typing that over and over, I wonder... anyway... Hammy the hyper crazy squirrel from Over the Hedge. Hilariously semi-obscure character for Pez disp.

So, checking out the leftover Valentine's candy at the grocery, I see Pez, so I include that with the cinnamon redhots I'm loading up on for Milady's cinnamon apple pies.

When I get home, and unwrap a Pez candy pack... every candy was broken. Most of the next one, too. After three packs, I'd found enough complete candies to fill Hammy. Just what I remembered - too much hassle. Hammy goes back on the Collectables shelf with the "action figures" of Dr Who #4 and Marie Antoinette with pop-off head.


I dreamed Backhoe had to have his collie put down. I sure hope that was a dream! But apparently you guys are really starting to get inside my head. Perhaps I should find other bedtime reading than the ONT.


Earlier, I sat staring at the morning post, sitting naked of comments, decided I had nothing worth "First"-ing about, then went off and wrote all this. Now to go read what you dream people are writing.

Morning, Glories! God bless y'alls' day.