I Just Like Saying Juan De Fuca

After watching some vids over dinner, came back in to catch up on the comments.

This thread seems rather tiresome.


Since I liked the Caro Emerald vid linked to earlier, I follwed the one to "Caro Emerald - You're All I Want For Christmas" - and realized, I'm really not ready for winter. Had enough of 95+° summer days, yeah, but really not ready for winter.


Among the videos I watched tonight, in honor of this morning's Okla 5.6'er, was "National Geographic_ the end of the world the terrible earthquake documentary" - not really end of the world, and nothing much I didn't really already know - just about the NW coast potential mega-shaker.

I have relatives in Oregon and Washington who think they're safe because they're inland, not on the coast. Hahaha. When the economy tanks and the refugees flood west because of the quake and tsunami, will we let them in down here in Oklahoma? ... Yeah, probably. Family, y'know.

I just like saying Juan de Fuca.