I... I Think I've Caught Up

I... I think I've caught up.

Now like the dog chasing the car and catches one, I don't know what to do. Guess I'll talk about...


While at my Mom's over the weekend, she got Time and National Geographic in the mail.

Time cover story was how everything delicious is bad for you. Mom & my & Milady had some good laughs about that over our breakfast bacon. (Mom's is the best!)

National Geographic was global warming all the way, including shrinking sea ice. I had to rant about the increased sea ice and the whole global warmening lie. Thanking the Moron Horde for keeping me well-informed.

Baby Sister got her the NatGeog subscription, she said, because Smithsonian wasn't good enough or something. Not Regressive enough, would be my thought.

On the bright side, Mom says that after being a subscriber for at least sixty years, she's going to drop Time - too little content for too much money. Told her about Newsweak going web-only and selling for $1.

Did I mention Mom's five years from being a centenarian? Still sharp and interested in everything. God, I hope I got that gene.