I Complimented Her On Her Nice Truck

Read the first and last 50 comments. Good enough to get the gist of the evening, right? Good ONT, WeirdDave who's gone to bed - close to Maetenloch in depth, breadth, and length.

Great Indoors - maybe they put all the good stuff into the promo, but I was amused. LOL'd at the bear eating the service animal.

Milady got to the ONT before I did tonight. She told me I have to quit complimenting her on her world-class culinary skills, because, sexist. I complimented her on her nice truck. (Seriously, though, world class.)

Last night I complained about my tablet and someone suggested it might be a dying battery. I think it's the charger, because when I swapped mine for Milady's, things seemed to be fine. I'd compliment her on her excellent work digging out the warranty and ordering a replacement charger for me, but that might be sexist.

That's my report, worth twice what you paid for it, minus taxes.