How to Open a Wine Bottle

0. Always fun to see a strip here that I remember enjoying when new, like the cat dancing on the hot roof a couple of days ago, and this one.

1. You betcha my trusty Swiss Army knife has a corkscrew, for which I've often been grateful.

2. Unwind a wire coat hanger (like you would for popping old-fashioned car locks -- am i showing my age?), and use the pigtail end as a corkscrew. Did this more than once.

3. One of the best wine experts I know suggested, if you have nothing else, just (slowly, carefully) push the cork in. Huh -- duh. No straining required.

4. Alas, I seem to have developed an allergy, or aversion, or distaste, or something for wine approaching my sixth decade (now I'm showing my age), after so many years of enjoyment of fine vintages. Maybe I finally grew up? Or old? Or poor?

5. You can get brewer's yeast mixed with garlic to sprinkle onto pet food to deter fleas and ticks at the pet food. Oh, wait, that was an old thread. Sorry.

8. I've got to figure out how to get the RSS feed to come up earlier in the day. Always feel like I'm late to the party and everybody's leaving as I come in. Or is it my breath?

Jimmy Johnson replied that he liked the coat hanger method.