Hotbox Oklahoma

Oh, another thing about Oklahoma. Dooodes! Before I' passing out on de floor...

Daughter & wife are nearby, discussing the petitions (again) to legalize medical and recreational pot in Oklahoma.

* Taxes to be about the same as sales tax. To keep the cost low for the po' folk. Seriously! Can we do that for everything? Gasoline? Medicinal tequila?

* Encouraging growing, special emphasis on export to other states where it's legal. * Discussion of how to ship through states where it's not! As if this had a chance!

I've always said hotbox (SWIDT?) Oklahoma was a great place for growing the herb. Grow it for export? Plenty folks who would never personally touch the stuff would be glad to grow it. I hear it grows here like a weed.

Why, I may even have, secreted somewhere deep in the catacombs, a tiny knotted-off corner of a sandwich baggie with a few Acupulco Gold seeds from that trip to New Mexico forty-some years ago. I could be a pot farmer for nothing. I can see it now. As I ride across the prairie, tweezers gleaming in the moonlighty night. Ha ha of course not. That's silly. They wouldn't be viable. And nowadays, so I hear, you don't get those bonus free seeds anymore. Rats.

Wait, wasn't there something about a Federal law... some ginormous per-ounce tax? HaHa again. What am I saying? Who enforces that old stuff any more?

Wow, I hope it's not like gasahol, where the cost of other hemp products goes up because of all the tokers. "Cannabis has so many uses!" -The Marley Boys


♫ Marley was deaaad whhoa-oh
That one t'ing wassss cer-tain... ♫
-A Christmas Reggae by Charlie "BigBong" Dickens


It was the Pear Strudel talking. I swear. It was a couple of days old and I think it was a little fermented.

Good night Gracies.

God help the survivors.