Homeopathy and Conservatives

FDA Orders Recall of Placebos Because They May Work

Recycled 'humor' from days ago. I think Ben and Vic both did it. ha. ha.

First, nothing that funny about tainted goods, no matter if it's homeopathy, Big Pharm, or dog food from China, and no matter how you want to laugh at supposed irony.

Second, for whatever anecdotal experience is worth, I've had more complications from standard medical practices, seen more damage done, and far less cure, than I've seen with homeopathy. I'm from Missouri (or close to) but what I've seen is persuasive that more is going on than mere placebo. Especially if going by cost-effectiveness!!

Some may just blindly "believe in" their med choices. Some of us choose to be guinea pigs, you're welcome. I know the risks. I want the truth. Our freedom to be dumb, right? Let those who do no beer or coffee cast stones.

One of my big concerns is that, as with the war on users of some substances, self-proclaimed 'conservatives' who snark at homeopathy will stand around chucking with hands in their pockets when the government starts trying to squash homeopathy for the sake of Big Pharm. "And then they fame for me."

Homeopathy has the same problem as liberty. They sound too much, respectively, like homo and lib.